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Work Life

Happy Labor Day

This weekend we celebrate Labor Day, a holiday that pays tribute to us - the American worker. We celebrate our contributions and achievements to our companies, our communities, and our country.

Labor Day was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century during one of the most dismal chapters for American laborers. It was the age of the Industrial Revolution and the Robber Baron - when machines were quickly replacing the work done by humans, the working conditions in many factories were less than stellar, and the tiny few at the top exploited the many unwilling workers at the bottom.

History might not repeat itself, but it often does rhyme.

Today, thanks to the massive efforts of the American workers who came before us, most Americans have the opportunity to turn a hard day's work into the American Dream. While offices and boardrooms have replaced fields and factories, we still labor to make great contributions every single day.

No doubt, there's still much to labor for when it comes to justice and equality for all. But no one can question the dignity and respect that comes with hard work and labor. This Labor Day, let's be thankful for the work we have and strive to make work better for all.

Happy Labor Day!

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