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Office Spaces Are Flocking to the Suburbs

June 17, 2020

Originally published in the Dallas Business Journal and CNBC in May and June 2020.

For weeks now, companies across the country have been adjusting to entire workforces working remotely. Many of these offices are sitting empty, if only to be frequented by janitorial staff and a skeleton crew of essential workers.

With social distancing on everyone's minds, there are a few characteristics of the urban office that could be worrisome for some employees. These include getting to the office by means of public transportation and certain aspects of the physical office itself, like the density of its lobby or even how long a trip in the elevator might take.

What was once a land grab for downtown real estate could pivot to be rush to the suburbs, where space is plentiful and social distancing is much easier to enforce. 

Image Source: Photo by Tom Rumble on Unsplash.

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