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Celebrating National Mom & Pop Business Day (During the Coronavirus Crisis)

March 26, 2020

Around the country, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has infiltrated nearly every aspect of daily life. Several hundreds of thousands of people are infected with this disease, and several thousand of them are in grave condition. 

Beyond the health crisis generated by COVID-19, the outbreak has also permeated into an economic crisis as well. Consumers and business are faced with challenging and uncertain futures ahead.

To help support small businesses as we celebrate National Mom & Pop Business Day, and to help communities better weather this economic uncertainty, here are five things you can do to support your local Mom & Pop Business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay Health and Stay Smart

The first priority when it comes to dealing with a pandemic is to prevent the further spread of the disease. The worldwide impact of COVID-19 will require us to act differently over the next few weeks and months. While this (hopefully) short-term pain will interrupt our daily lives, it will make us all healthier and safer in the long run. With the general public taking exceptional precautions, we can slow down the spread of this disease.

Buy Gift Cards & Merchandise

While several thousands of stores and shops are forced to drastically reduce their capacity or even temporarily close, some companies still offer ways that you can support that business. For restaurants and retail stores in particular, you can buy their gift cards. Gift cards are an excellent way to ensure the store has cash flow today while also ensuring that you can safely (and freely!) shop at those places once the pandemic as come to end.

Follow Them on Social Media

The easiest and least expensive way to support a company, a store, or a brand is to follow them on social media. Follow all of their social media outlets. Tag them in your future posts. Share the content that they are already producing. Social media is a useful, free tool for small businesses to get their products and services into the world. The more followers they have, the better for their business.

Be Understanding About Changes

If you've been shopping with a Mom and Pop Business for an extended period of time, you might be used to a certain level of service. While every company expects to provide top-notch customer service, things undoubtedly slip through the cracks during a time of crisis. Try to be understanding of businesses when they say they are only offering limited hours or fewer products or even have delays in providing regular services. We're all in this together and we don't need another thing to worry about.

Make a Donation

Some business models are funded by contributions from their customers, clients, and audiences. Everything from your favorite entertainer and theater to your local public broadcaster to your hometown church all run on donations to support their missions. While your in-person routines might have changed, these Mom and Pop Businesses still need your donations to run.

This pandemic is a serious health and economic concern for everyone in our country. If we act together quickly in a major way, we can slow and even prevent the spread of this disease. This will greatly help our local Mom & Pop Business. Stay smart, stay safe, and stay healthy.


Based in Downtown Tampa, Fla., Nico Hohman is an award-winning real estate broker, business growth and workforce housing advocate. Nico currently serves as the Director of Commercial Real Estate with Tomlin Commercial. Mr. Hohman was the Founder of Hohman Homes and HHRG, residential and commercial real brokerages based in Tampa Bay with over 30 employees. Nico is the Chairman of the Hillsborough County Historic Resources Board; a Director at Stellar MLS in Orlando, Fla.; and a former member of the Board of Directors at Greater Tampa Realtors. Schedule a time for Nico to speak to your brokerage, company, or association by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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