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  • Related Group continues to expand its presence in Tampa's red hot real estate market

    Image by the Related Group Rendering of the apartment tower planed at the Related Group's recently-purchased property along the river walk. CHRISTOPHER CURRY | 83 DEGREES MEDIA Miami-based development giant Related Group continues to expand its presence in Tampa’s red hot real estate market. In July, the company purchased a prime waterfront property on the west side of the Hillsborough River for $55.5 million, with plans to develop a mixed-use project overlooking the Tampa Riverwalk. This summer, Related Group launched sales for the second tower of its The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Tampa luxury condominium project along Bayshore Boulevard. The first tower sold out shortly after the start of construction, with one penthouse going for more than $11 million. As the master developer of the West River redevelopment, Related Group and the Tampa Housing Authority recently marked the start of construction on Canopy at West River, a mixed-income rental project that will include 196 total units of public, affordable and workforce housing spread across two towers. Future plans in the West River redevelopment include a market-rate rental project along the river and the $500 million Rome Yard mixed-use project, a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with multiple modes of public transportation, a workforce training center, a cultural center and an art pavilion highlighting West Tampa history. Read more on

  • Boys & Girls Club Names Tomlin Commercial CEO 2022 Tampa Bay MVP

    Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate Services (TSC) And Tomlin Commercial Real Estate Services are dedicated to giving back to the community. CEO John Tomlin was selected by the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay senior leadership team and board members as the Most Valuable Board Member for 2022. “It’s a culmination of John’s overall commitment to our youth, our mission, and sustainability of our organization,” said Terry Carter, CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay. “His commitment to our youth and the mission is second to none, and we are grateful for his support.” John & Holly Tomlin’s Commitment Tomlin led the organization through the onset of the pandemic through early 2022. He had a significant focus around all things safety, programming quality, and serving more youth. The nonprofit recognized Tomlin for making available his resources and energy to support every aspect of the Club operations during the last 18 months. “Providing children the best opportunity to realize their potential has been a passion for Holly and me as we look to make a difference in Tampa Bay,” said Tomlin. “The Boys and Girls Club does an excellent job in developing leadership skills, providing mentoring, and educational support that is not necessarily available elsewhere so they can develop into proud, productive participants in the community. “Holly and I have appreciated working with this great organization and staff to help make this happen, and I look forward to continuing to support the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay,” Tomlin said. Mission, Vision, & Commitment to Inclusion Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay aims to enable all young people, particularly those who need it the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. The nonprofit is committed to providing a world-class experience at its Club that’s reachable for each young person who enters its doors. The Club aims to keep all members on track to graduate high school with plans for the future as well as demonstrate excellent character and citizenship while living a healthy lifestyle. All Boys & Girls Clubs across the country support youth and teens of every race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, gender expression, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Programs Transforming Youth Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay provides a nurturing, safe place for kids to realize their full potential. The nonprofit knows that increasing healthy habits in kids will help strengthen their ability to interact positively with others to form strong relationships. The Club has multiple programs to help with academic success, career preparation, and community service to foster a new generation of leaders. Additionally, the nonprofit helps promote healthy eating and exercise, self-esteem, self-care, tools for coping with mental health, and intelligent life choices. The Triple Play program utilizes a holistic approach to improve Club members’ knowledge focusing on the mind, body, and soul. Additionally, the Virtual Club is a new and innovative tool that serves youth in the community. This remote, virtual programming is facilitated with the help of corporate partners and volunteers. The approach provides a platform to serve youth when Club doors are closed as well as serves as a library and reference for families. Get Involved With Boys & Girls Club To support kids throughout the community, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay hosts several annual events that engage, inspire, and challenge friends in the community to get more involved with the Club. Most recently, the annual Great Futures Gala, which helps support and expand the outstanding work of Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, was emceed by basketball legend Magic Johnson. The club also hosts an annual New York Yankees luncheon in the spring. To get involved or to learn more, please visit

  • Florida Ranks Among Best States For Women-Owned Businesses

    Andrii Borodai | Istock | Getty Images Over the past two years, the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. has noticeably grown — up to roughly 13 million of them today, according to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Click here to read more.

  • Tampa's Reputation As An Up And Coming Tech Hub Continues To Grow

    Tampa Bay continues to attract fast-growing tech companies to the area, and the availability of skilled talent is among the top reasons why. Tampa Bay continues to attract fast-growing tech companies to the area, and the availability of skilled talent is among the top reasons why. According to Chmura JobsEQ, Tampa Bay boasts the second largest IT employment in the state and a location quotient of .90, which is significantly higher than the state of Florida (.77) and the Miami area (.63), which has the largest total employment. Location quotients compare the concentration of an industry within a specific area to the concentration of that industry nationwide. It’s a good way of discovering the industries or occupations that are truly unique and specialized in your regional economy (compared to the national average). Continue Reading...

  • Two Shepherds Taproom is Tampa’s First Indoor/Outdoor Dog Park & Bar

    Tomlin Commercial worked with Two Shepherds Taproom on its commercial property contract. “It has been great!” O’Bryan said of the transaction. “[Advisor] Nico Hohman and the team are very responsive and knowledgeable. We would recommend them to everyone.” Just over a year ago, Patrick Verdugo and Ross O’Bryan opened Two Shepherds Taproom – Tampa’s first indoor/outdoor dog park and bar serving up endless craft beer, draft wine, and hard seltzers. The renovated warehouse at 4813 N Grady Ave is the largest dog bar in the area with over 14,000 square feet of play space. And of course you can’t forget that wonderful A/C! The property had been in Verdugo’s family since the 1960s, and O’Bryan had the perfect business proposal. “I was looking for an indoor dog park for my dog Hobbes so we could go somewhere to play when it was raining or we needed to get out of the unbearable Florida heat,” O’Bryan said. “I realized there was nothing like this and it needed to be created. So I called up Pat, pitched him the idea, and after further deliberation we came to the same conclusion: what do people love just as much as dogs? Beer!” Verdugo and O’Bryan say they wanted Two Shepherds Taproom to serve as a space for the community of dog lovers to be able to take their dogs off leash and enjoy some much needed play time while also being able to meet other like-minded individuals over a refreshing local craft brew. And the community has rallied around them as they weathered the pandemic. Two Shepherds offers various memberships. “If you come in and buy a day pass and decide you love it and want to upgrade to a month or annual membership before you leave, we will credit the cost of your day pass to your new membership for upgrading!” said O’Bryan. They also offer party packages and events like Trivia Tuesdays, Bingo Thursdays, and Brunch and Bottomless Mimosas on Sundays. “We will mix in monthly themed trivia and Drag Queen Bingo. We rotate through different breeds and have monthly breed meetups as well. And we have some big events coming up in October, November, and December so be sure to check our Facebook page for them soon!” All humans must be 21+ to enter. For the pups, they ask everyone to register their dog online at before attending by uploading proof of their vaccination records. They require vet records showing proof of up-to-date rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations. All pups 8 months and older must be spayed/neutered. “Every day is an adventure when you get to meet so many different types of pups who all have their own personalities,” O’Bryan said. “It’s very rewarding to see how happy they are in a space we created.” Plus, these business owners have some plans in the works for other areas of Florida to expand. Keep an eye out for further details coming soon! Tomlin Commercial worked with Two Shepherds Taproom on its commercial property contract. “It has been great!” O’Bryan said of the transaction. “[Advisor] Nico Hohman and the team are very responsive and knowledgeable. We would recommend them to everyone.” For more info about Two Shepherds Taproom, visit

  • Tampa Top Emerging Tech City According To Forbes

    Tampa is quickly turning into Florida's tech capital. It has been exploding in the tech industry for several years now. Emerging Tech Cities In The U.S. Tech is unstoppable. Analysts are projecting that the tech industry will be worth $461 billion by the end of 2021. That's with the disruptions due to Covid-19, which barely slowed down the tech industry at all. The prevalence of technology is causing a new Great Migration, as tech-savvy pioneers strike out toward tech cities in search of new opportunities on the cutting-edge of technology. We're going to take a look at five of the most up-and-coming tech cities to help give you an idea of where the next Silicon Valley is taking shape. Click here for the full article.

  • Weathering the Storm

    Tomlin Commercial Real Estate Advisor David Burton talks to the Tampa Bay Business Journal about his commercial real estate career and restaurant ventures. Image Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal When the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, Tampa restaurateur Dave Burton made a career move he’d been thinking about for some time. In March 2020, Burton joined Tomlin Commercial Real Estate Services as an adviser. His focus is still on building a career in commercial real estate, but he hasn’t completely divested of his restaurants: Burton owns Tampa Pizza Co., Gen-X Tavern and Flock and Stock at Sparkman Wharf. Click Here for Full Article.

  • Survey: Most Executives Want to Keep the Office

    In a recent survey conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) polled executives regarding their anticipated use of office space over the next year. The vast majority of respondents will stay the course with their current office space needs. Click here for the full article.

  • Tampa is a Top Market for Apartment Absorption

    The Tampa Bay multifamily market had an occupancy rate of over 95% in 2020, beating expectations during the coronavirus pandemic. It's net absorption - the total new square footage leased minus the total square footage of tenants that no longer occupy their apartments in a given time period - was also in the top 10 for all metro areas in the country. Image Source: and ImagesbyK/iStock/Getty Images Click here for the full article.

  • Silver Lining for Commercial Real Estate

    Vacated commercial real estate property is creating opportunities for some vendors. As of Dec. 1, 2020, more than 110,000 restaurants and bars nationwide have closed temporarily or permanently due to the Covid pandemic, according to the National Restaurant Association. On the bright side, vacated commercial real estate property is giving vendors with cutting-edge technology and limited interaction with customers an unprecedented opportunity to scoop up prime space that previously wasn’t available or affordable. “Commercial real estate is a big expense for companies and investors,” said Nico Hohman, Director at Tomlin Commercial Real Estate. “It is also a long-term investment. Companies and investors won't commit lots of money to big, long-term projects – whether that's leasing a new warehouse or buying an office building – if they are uncertain or weary of the economy's future.” Hohman said that leaves landlords out of luck because they don't have any businesses to lease their space to, which causes rental rates to go down and overall property valuations to go down, too. “Commercial real estate is also a lagging indicator of the economy, meaning that it takes longer in an economic recovery for the commercial real estate market to bounce back,” Hohman said. We're not seeing this as much in the Tampa Bay area, as the market has not seen the rash of vacancies and business closures as other metro areas, according to Dave Burton, Advisor at Tomlin Commercial Real Estate. “What is happening, though, is well-funded groups (both chains and larger independent groups) are reaching out to smaller independent restaurant owners and offering to pay fair market value of assets such as furniture, fixtures, and equipment if the struggling tenant and landlord are able to establish a reassignment of the lease to the buyer,” Burton said. “Basically, it's a way to minimize the negative impact of a personal guaranty of a commercial lease should the business have to close.” With the growth of "off-premises" dining, restaurants are trying to minimize square footage to make rents more manageable. Also, outdoor space and the ability to negotiate curbside parking spaces, drive-throughs, pick-up lanes for third party delivery drivers, etc. are becoming more important. Simply put, restaurants owners are looking to go smaller in terms of interior square footage. One such restaurant business looking to capitalize on this trend is Tomlin Commercial customer Canopy Road Café, a regional breakfast and lunch chain started by South Tampa native Brad Buckenheimer in Tallahassee, which is slated to open in mid-April at 4308 Gandy Blvd. “They are growing throughout Florida, but this location is sort of a ‘the prodigal son comes home’ location, so it has extra meaning,” Burton said. Certain markets have weathered the pandemic better than others, and Florida is definitely poised to bounce back faster. The use of Instagram and other forms of social media in particular have really allowed new concepts to generate huge levels of buzz pre-opening. “From a commercial real estate sales cycle, we are at the bottom of the pandemic-induced recession but slowly starting to go back up the recovery curve,” Hohman said. “If businesses are relatively certain of their economic future, now is a fantastic time to invest and lease space because rental rates are relatively low and prices are relatively affordable. Plus, interest rates are at historic lows, so the cost of doing business is low.”